Signs of Little Adult Activation

I recommend that you print out the following list to assist you in discovering how often your “programs” throw you out of alignment, putting unnecessary stress and strain on your Little Adult and your body. Such awareness empowers you as a True Adult to use the I AM tools to bring you into alignment while maturing and evolving your Ultimate Relationship. Read More

Transform Upsets Into Freedom and Joy

 We all get upset and reactive at times. When we’re upset, the last thing we feel is freedom and joy. Instead, we feel unseen, unheard, or misunderstood. We may feel quite a range of emotional pain—from mild to severe—that determines what we do from there. Read More

Fundamental Human Challenge and Its Answer

A fundamental human challenge is the tendency to believe that the answers are on the outside. This is because when we were children that was true. We needed to rely on the “big people” for our answers. Wherever we experienced trauma from the absence of a safe and loving “big person” when we needed them, we continue to focus outside for our answers. That is the case until those wounds are truly healed. Read More

What Underlies All Struggles, Even Anxiety and Depression

There is one thing that underlies every struggle of every human being on the planet: the childhood absence of a safe, loving big person to connect with us when we needed such connection. How does that affect a child? It creates an experience of being unvalued, and alone in the world. Read More

Programmed Without Knowing It – Find Out & Get Free

Negative emotional reactions to current circumstances always stem from hurtful or traumatic events from your past. Any trauma or painful experience you had in childhood led to the formation of survival reactions that I call wound programs—unconscious, automatic reactive responses you developed as a child in an attempt to avoid further pain. Read More

Free Yourself From Reacting to Others With I AM

All negative emotional reactions always come from unconscious programs from childhood. Our negative reactions are never actually about the current situation. When you have a reaction, you are being reminded, unconsciously, of a past upset that looked, sounded like, and or felt like whatever is happening currently. Read More

You Make Perfect Sense

I’ve learned a lot in my exploration of life over the last fifty-three years. This includes my cherished moments with countless clients and others with whom I spent quality time. One of the most fundamental and most important realizations I’ve gained is that we all make sense. Read More