The Inner Alignment Chart & the True Adult Clarity Chart are powerful Inner Alignment Method tools to support your personal development, and your creation of an extraordinary life. They are only meaningful if you have, or are in the process of reading, Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship.

If you have the book in your hands, turn to page 315 in the original version; in the small font version on page 251; or in the 2015 version on page 307. There you will find your password in all capital letters. You’ll need this password when you go to the I AM website menu item: “Beyond the Book.” It’s the one right next to the “Charts” menu item you just clicked on.

With this password, you have access to the two charts as well as several additional empowerment tools that I, my clients, students, and readers just love. All these tools will assist you on your journey to further discovering and living your Ultimate Relationship. InJoy…


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