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Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship

Your Ultimate Relationship

Now available…inside of all of us lives the source of our greatest wisdom and power. But how do we access that source? Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship is a road-map for the journey to the most empowering place we could ever reach—a place of profound relationship with ourselves. Each of us can free ourselves from our personal obstacles and rise to a new level for a more meaningful and fulfilling life that is our birthright. The Inner Alignment Method naturally leads to right and left brain expansion and integration. It is Mindfulness training in many forms that are always deepening. An additional benefit is core healing and inner alignment which are the true keys for the law of attraction.

This book is for anyone interested in a path to a life they will love more and more every day. It’s for couples who want to increase intimacy and joy in their relationship. It’s for parents who want to guide their children to their potential, and ensure that they too continue to grow as individuals, which strengthens the family unit. It is even for business owners who want to maximize the effectiveness of their teams.

In four parts—Discovering, Developing, Deepening and Living Your Ultimate Relationship—author Ron Levy provides us with a bigger picture understanding of how we human beings work, and delivers a practical method of healing to the greatest depths, for increased unity with self, others, and all of life. Why YOU Are Your Ultimate Relationship teaches you to access your power to create a quality of life experience beyond your wildest dreams by engaging you in a process that is simple, yet infinitely advanced.

This book will guide you in discovering and filling in what has been missing for you–a direct connection and relationship with the source of the answers that lie within. So for those of you who are new to personal growth, you’re in for a truly amazing, transformative adventure. For those of you who have been deeply engaged in personal growth and self-awareness, get ready for the gaps to be filled and your questions to be answered. You are about to take a quantum leap in your power to raise your quality of life from the inside out.